Knowledge Test 2018 : Set 2

1. How many steps are there in the Problem Solving Process as per QCFI.

Ans.:  Twelve

2. How many tools have been recommended by the QCFI which can be used while solving a problem?

Ans.:  Ten

3. Name the tool that has use many times while solving a problem.

Ans.:  Brainstorming

4. Name the tool used to enable understanding of the process step of a job or service.

Ans.:  Flow diagram

5. Name the tool used to differentiate between vital few and trivial many causes.

Ans.:  Pareto chart

6. Name the chart that shows the planning activity.

Ans.:  Milestone Chart.

7. As per QCFI 12 Step Problem Solving Process what is the step after Define the Problem?

Ans.:  Identification of Possible Causes.

8. What is the step of the problem solving method to be followed immediately after the step “Developing Solutions”.?

Ans.:  Foreseeing probable resistance

9. Name the diagram that is useful to understand relationship between two variables.

Ans.:  Scatter Diagram

10. Name the tool that can be used while eliminating abnormal variation in process output by distinguishing variations due to assignable causes from those due to chance causes.

Ans.:  Control chart

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