5- S Knowledge Test 47 – for NCQC 2017

1.     What are the 5 phases of 5S?

A. Shine, Shut-Up, Sustain, Sort, Standardize

B. Sustain, Sort, Standardize, Sushi mi, Shine

C. Standardize, Sort, Sustain, Shine, Set-in-Order

D. Sort, Sustain, Sushi, Shine, Standardize

E. Shine, Standardize, Sustain, Set-In-Order, Salami

The five phases of 5S are Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain in that order.

2. In the Set-In-Order phase, where should   tools be stored that are used daily?

A. In personal tool boxes where they won’t be stolen

B. At the point of use

C. Where the supervisor can keep an eye on them

D. In a company owned locking cabinet

Tools that are used daily should be store at their point of use.

3. Set-In-Order reduces what wastes?

A. Excess Motion

B. Human Frustration

C. Searching Waste

D. Productivity

E. Excess Inventory

Set-in-Order does not reduce productivity, but increases it. Productivity is not a waste either.

4. Which phase of 5S are you in when you clean machines, windows, floors etc.

A. Sort

B. Set-In-Order

C. Shine

D. Standardize

E. Sustain

5.  Which one is NOT a benefit of Shine?

A. Less production downtime

B. Happier employees

C. Improved quality

D. Inventory reduction

E. Customer satisfaction

Shine, or cleaning does not reduce inventory levels. Sort and Set-in-Order will help reduce inventory.

6.  Which is not a benefit of Sort?

A. Reduce the waste of searching

B. Reduced set-up times

C. Increased productivity

D. Improved machine dependability

E. Improved safety

Sorting will not have an effect on machine dependability.

7. What phase of 5S are we talking about when we regulate; how we color code our tools, how we use the red tag system, or the approach we take to problem solving when we have problems with 5S?

A. Sort

B. Set-In-Order

C. Shine

D. Standardize

E. Sustain

Standardize is the phase where we set up color code schemes and many other standardized approaches that can be used throughout the company.

8.  5S is easy to implement and sustain so you can enjoy the benefits forever.

A. True            B. False

5S is not easy to implement and even harder to sustain. This is why most companies have failed to implement 5S properly.

9. In which step of Five S we establish a method of storage for each item, which is easy to see, pick and place with X, Y alignment.

A. Sort

B. Set-In-Order

C. Shine

D. Standardize

E. Sustain

10. Which item is not a part of the Sort phase?

A. Clear the area

B. Use of red tags

C. 48 hour rule

D. Disposition red tag items

E. Putting tools at point of use

Putting tools at the point of use is part of the Set-in-Order phase, not Sort.

11. Set-In-Order includes making changes  to the layout of the area.

A. True                     B. False

12. Which of these benefits of 5S are of value to your company?

A. Improved employee morale

B. Improved safety

C. Increased productivity

D. Increased profitability

E. All of the above

All of these answers are great benefits to any company.

13. One of the great things about 5S is it can be implemented by the employees without the need for management support.

A. True

B. False

False – Without management support, 5S implementations will fail.

14. To sustain 5S you must.

A. Have a 5S audit checklist for each area

B. Have management support

C. Perform audits for each area regularly

D. Train employees on 5S and expectations

E. All of the above

15.  It is advisable to initiate the Sort and Set-In-Order phases at the same time.

A. True     B. False

False – Sort must be completely finished before you begin Set-in-Order. Why would you want to create a location for a tool that you are going to throw away?

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