Knowledge Test 46 – for NCQC 2017

1.    Costs associated with preparation of quality management system and inspection procedures should be charged to:

A.    External failure costs

B.    Internal failure costs

C.   Appraisal costs

D.   Prevention costs

2.    The cost of quality related training in a product quality cost system is categorized as a:

A.   Prevention costs

B.    Internal failure costs

C.   External failure costs

D.   Appraisal costs

3.    The four categories of costs associated with product quality costs are :

A.    External failure, internal failure, prevention, and inspection

B.    Warranty, product liability, training, and appraisal

C.   External failure, internal failure, repair, and appraisal

D.   External failure, internal failure, prevention, and appraisal

4.    The term UCL is associated with:

A.    Cost of Quality

B.   Control Charts

C.   Failure Modes

D.   Audits

5.    What does PDCA stand for?

A.    Plan-Design-Control-Action

B.   Plan-Do-Check-Act

C.   Product-Development-Continuous-Audit

D.   Process-Deployed-Corrective-Action

6.    What does COQ stand for?

A.   Cost of Quality

B.    Carry on Quality

C.   Corporate Quality

D.   Cost Oriented Quality

7. Which of these quality gurus introduced the concept of Control Charts?

A.    Taguchi

B.    Juran

C.   Shewhart

D.   Crosby

8. Which of the following quality gurus is associated with a list of 14 points?

A.    Deming

B.   Shewhart

C.   Crosby

D.   Ishikawa

9. Normal variance in the operation of processes is due to:

A.   Common Causes

B.    Special Causes

C.   Assignable Causes

D.   External Causes

10. If there are seven data points either above or below the mean, but still within the control limits, what should you do?

A.    Reject the product

B.   Find the cause because this means that the process is out of control

C.   Re-inspect the product

D.  Ignore it and continue to measure the process

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