Knowledge Test 41 for NCQC 2017

1. In 1950’s after world wall II, a Quality Guru said that “Statistical Quality Control should be part of Management Control”.

A. Dr. W. E. Deming
B. Dr. Genichi Taguchi
C. Dr. A. V. Feigenbaum
D. Dr. J. M. Juran

2. Which one does not belong to Elementary Statistical Method described by Dr. K. Ishikawa?

A. Cause & effect diagram
B. Pareto Analysis
C. Histogram
D. Brain storming

3. When the coefficient correlation between two variables is 0.9 what does it indicate?

A. Strong positive correlation
B. Weak positive correlation
C. Strong Negative correlation
D. No correlation

4. Costs associated with preparation of quality management system and inspection procedures should be charged to:

A. External failure costs

B. Internal failure costs

C. Appraisal costs

D. Prevention costs

5. The cost of quality related training in a product quality cost system is categorized as a:

A. Prevention costs

B. Internal failure costs

C. External failure costs

D. Appraisal costs

6. The four categories of costs associated with product quality costs are :

A. External failure, internal failure, prevention, and inspection

B. Warranty, product liability, training, and appraisal

C. External failure, internal failure, repair, and appraisal

D. External failure, internal failure, prevention, and appraisal

7. The term UCL is associated with:

A. Cost of Quality

B. Control Charts

C. Failure Modes

D. Audits

8. What does PDCA stand for?

A. Plan-Design-Control-Action

B. Plan-Do-Check-Act

C. Product-Development-Continuous-Audit

D. Process-Deployed-Corrective-Action
9. Pareto Analysis cannot be used
A. To evaluate performance after implementation of solutions
B. To select a problem or concern
C. To generate a list of problems
D. To identify ‘useful many’ problem

10. A flow diagram drawn to understand / study the process helps the team to
A. Suggest time needed to solve problem
B, Create problems
C. Have an insight into potential bottlenecks
D. None of the aboveName the chart,

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