Knowledge Test 37 for NCQC 2017

1. Dr W A Shewhart introduced Control Charts using _____________ control level to improve the efficiency to 99.73% level.
a. 1.5 Sigma                                         b. 2 Sigma
c. 3 Sigma                                            d. 6 Sigma

2. Most of the quality gurus insist upon the effective use of ___________________   to achieve excellence in quality.
a. Problem Solving Teams                     b. Brainstorming
c. Statistical Quality Control                   d. None of the above

3. Structured method of brainstorming is used for
a. Finding out solutions and probable resistance
b. Finding work related problems or causes of the problem
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above

4. In which type of control chart the upper and lower control  limits  will  not  be  constant  but  will  be varying:

a) ‘c’ chart
b) np chart
c) ‘p’ chart
d) X-R chart

5. What type of graph is a Pareto diagram ?
a) Bar graph
b) Pie graph
c) Compound graph
d) Line graph

6. Control Chart is a tool for quality control.  It is used for maintaining running control on a process.
a) On line
b) Off Line
c) Direct Line
d) Product Line

7. For correct data analysis representative sampling is recommended. This means
a) Only best pieces should be sampled
b) Only worst piece should be samples
c) Samples covering the overall population of interest should be sampled
d) None of the above

8. Five political parties are standing for election. An agency  has  conducted  an  opinion  poll  on  a sample basis and collected information on all the parties  regarding  “for”  or  “against” .  Which graphical representation would best depict all the above information in one graph ?
a) Radar Graph
b) The float graph
c) Pyramid Graph
d) Strata Graph

9. Which  one  of  the  following  charts  is  not  an attribute control chart  :
a) Number defective np chart
b) X-R Chart
c) Percentage defective chart
d) No. of defects c chart

10. What will be the angle for representing Rs.  4000/ as travelling expenses out of total expenditure of Rs. 80,000/- on a pie graph?
b) 160
c) 240
d) 320

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