Knowledge Test 29 for NCQC 2017

Identify the correct answer for following ten questions. 

1. Set-In-Order reduces what wastes? (Check all that apply)

A. Excess Motion

B. Human Frustration

C. Searching Waste

D. Productivity

2. Which item is not a part of the Sort phase?

A. Clear the area

B. Use of red tags

C. 48 hour rule

D. Disposition red tag items

E. Putting tools at point of use

3. What does the Japanese word seiri refers to ?

A. Sweep

B. Systematic arrangement

C. Sorting out

D. Self-Discipline

4. Which technique can effectively prevent the waste of excess motion?


B. Kaizen

C. 5S

D. None of the above

5. Which TQM technique is used under lean manufacturing?


B. 5S

C. Quality circles

D. Six sigma

6. Which of the following is the first phase in 5S?

A. Seiton

B. Seiso

C. Seiri

D. Seiketsu

7. Which phase of 5S are you in when you clean machines, windows, floors etc.

A. Sort

B. Set-In-Order

C. Shine

D. Standardize

E. Sustain

8. Which of these benefits of 5S are of value to your company?

A.  Improved employee morale

B. Improved safety

C. Increased productivity

D. Increased profitability

E. All of the above

9. Which one is NOT a benefit of Shine? 

A. Less production downtime

B. Happier employees

C. Improved quality

D. Inventory reduction

E. Customer satisfaction

10. Which is not a benefit of Sort?

A. Reduce the waste of searching

B. Reduced set-up times

C. Increased productivity

D. Improved machine dependability

E. Improved safety

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