Knowledge Test 25 for 2017

Note : Fill in blank by choosing correct answers from the option given below:

1. ________________of ideas is done during brainstorming.

A. No evaluation

B. No quality check

C. No quantity check

C. No circulation

2. Dr K Ishikawa’s first visit to India was in the year _______.

A. 1967

B. 1968

C, 1969

D. 1970

3. One example of a graph having columns and line is ________ ________.

A. Bar Graph

B. Line Graph

C. Pareto Diagram

D. Cosmograph

4. Before and After Milestone Chart may be shown with _________ for variation.

A. Reason

B. Photo

C. Calculation

D. Evaluation

5. Production process classification type diagram is one of three types of ________________.

A. Cause and Effect Diagram

B. Flow Diagram

C. Brain storming

D. Scatter Pot

6. Stratification is best interpreted in ________________ form.

A. Graphical

B. Numerical

C. Table

D. Universal

7. Vital Few and Useful many is a ________________ Principle.

A. Universal

B. Uncommon

C. Unusual

D. Scare

8. Histogram shows the ________________ distribution of variation.

A, Normal

B. Abnormal

C. Frequency

D. Uniform

9. Connector symbol helps to show ________________ of the process.

A. End

B. Stoppage

C. Unsteadiness

D. Continuity

10. Graphical representation of relationship between two variables is shown in a ____________ Diagram.

A. Class

B. Object

C. Deployment

D. Scatter

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