Knowledge Test 26 for 2017

Note : Refer to QCFI publications and identify the coorect answer”

  1. Name the diagram which is used in case of a revision / improvement in sequence activities of a service being provided.
  1. For beginners it is difficult to systematically arrange cause, sub-cause, sub-sub cause etc in that case which type of cause and effect diagram should be used to for mapping out all the possible causes. 
  1. For circles apart from collection of facts, what is needed to prove or disprove the possible cause listed in a cause and effect diagram?
  1. For efficient functioning of quality circles knowledge and practice of _______________ thinking is must. 
  1. In our problem solving efforts identification of the most frequently occurring _____________ is necessary for taking suitable counter measures.
  1. Application of what should be ensured by the facilitator from the stage of generation of list of problems? 
  1. You can derive happiness in belonging to a group and working together through _____________. 
  1. Taking up the assigned role seriously, based on the action plan, will help in making __________________ successful.
  1. Which step of Five-S concept is used to make the workplace clean by eliminating dirt and dust? 
  1. Determination of the type of storage system and layout is a result of which ‘S’ in Five-S concept.

Knowledge Test 24 for 2107

Note: Fill in the blank or select the correct answer for all the Question from the option given below

1. The most crucial breakthrough in the modern Quality movement came in year________.

A. 1931

B. 2013

C. 1953

D. 1962

2. A mixed group with managers and workmen as members in USA is termed as ___________________.

A. Small Group Activity

B. Cross Functional Team

C. Quality Improvement Team

D.  Cross Quality Group

3. Name the Quality Guru who was persuaded by JUSE ( Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers) to join in their Quality Control Reseach Group.

A. Dr K Ishikawa

B. Dr J M Juram

C. Dr WA deming

D. Dr. Walter Shewhart

4,. Who created the course entitled ‘How to use experimental data.’

A. Dr K Ishikawa

B. Dr J M Juram

C. Dr WA deming

D. Dr. Walter Shewhart

5. The most important aspect of Quality Circle is making a _________ first.

A. Man

B. Process

C, Defect Free Product

D. Fool Proofing

6. The success of quality circle will depend upon how well the __________ leads the group.

A. Leader

B. Memberf

C. Manager

D. Top Management

7. Dr W A Shewhart introduced Contol Chart using _____________ control level to improve the efficiency to 99.73% level.

A. 3-Sigma

B. 6-Sigma

C. 4-Sigma

D. 5-Sigma

8. A variable is one which _____________ i.e. takes different values.

A. varies

B. in built and

C. is fixed but

D. does not varies

9. Data obtained by count of defects, count of occurrences (no. of accidents) etc. can be termed as _________________ data.

A. Attribute

B. Mark

C. Quality

D. Symbol

10. Pioneer of modern nursing used ___________ techniques to improve quality of medical care.

A. Charting

B. Flammability,

C. Chlorine dioxide

D. Carcinogen