Knowledge Test 21 for 2017 – Six Sigma


1.    Which elements are required to calculate Sigma?

A.   Number of defectives and range
B.   Process performance and customer requirements
C.   Cycle time and quality
D.   Number of employees, number of customers

2..    The main purpose of the Measure Phase of DMAIC is to:

A.   Determine the customer requirements
B.   Find root causes
C.   Develop solutions
D.   Set baseline data to understand how the process is currently performing.

3.    The purpose of tollgate reviews is to:

A.   Ensure the project stays on track
B.   Reinforce priorities
C.   Allow management to show their continued commitment
D.   All of the above

4.    Six Sigma projects should be selected from:

A    Projects where the root cause is known
B    Projects that are management “pet projects”
C.   VOC and VOB
D.   Projects where there is a lack of data

5.    A main role of the project Champion is to:

A.   Be a cheerleader for the team

B.   Remove roadblocks

C.   Perform statistical analysis

D.   Develop the control plan

6.    The acronym DMAIC stands for:

A.    Develop, Metrics, Analyze, Implement, Contain

B.    Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

C.   Define, Metrics, Analysis, Implement, Control

D.   None of the above

7.    Six Sigma can be defined as:

A.   A summary statistic
B.   A representation of variation
C.   Permission to improve processes
D.   All of the above

8.    One of the deliverables from the Control Phase is:

A.    A sustainability plan

B.   Validated root causes

C.   Output indicators

D.   All of the above

9.  What is the relationship between the Critical Customer Requirement (CCR) and Voice of the Customer (VOC)?

A.   The CCR and VOC are the same thing
B.   The VOC is translated into the CCR via the key customer issue
C.   The VOC comes from the customer and the CCR comes from marketing
D.   Both the VOC and CCR come from the sponsor

10. Normal variance in the operation of processes is due to:

A.    Common Causes

B.    Special Causes

C.    Assignable Causes

D.   External Causes

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