Knowledge Test 19 for 2107

Note: Read QCFI publications to look answers of these questions.

  1. Which tool is used to plot paired data to form an idea as to whether the variables are related or not?
  2. Which tool is used by Quality Circles to define the problem area but can be effectively used to reveal no longer needed tasks/activities also?
  3. Name the data analysis method where paired data is plotted to form an idea as to whether the variables are related or not.
  4. Which data presentation method is used to show facts and also separate the ‘useful many’?
  5. To identify the priority areas how many types of Pareto Analysis can be made and on what basis.
  6. Which tool / technique should not be used as a substitute of data?
  7. Which tool will help to represent large amount of information or data comprehensively and in a compact manner?
  8. Name the chart, which is typically used to track and monitor the progress of a project.
  9. Like Pareto Diagram in which facts presentation method ‘others’ or miscellaneous segment is shown at the end?
  10. Which four step formula was suggested by a famous quality Guru to control or minimise problems?

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