NCQC 2017 : Improve Your Case Study and Presentation

I have observed some improvement opportunities during pre-evaluation in CCQC at Jaipur and Jalandhar.

In  Step 4 – Problem Analysis  teams are writing wrt 4 W I H

What was the problem?

Where was the prblem?

When was the problem?

Who will sove it?

How we will solve it?

This is wrong. Please read the information given below and improve before mailing it for CCQC or NCQC.

In step 4, we have to measure the problem in more detail and study past data when problem occurred Team may think of various parameters related to problem which may provided better understanding of the problem.  i.e. if problems are there then what are those, frequency of each problem, presently to  rectified the problem, what are the materials required, time required, man power required etc  to be mentioned with data. Once the problem comes, what is the effect in next process, in previous process etc to be mentioned with data. Only “why” out of 5 W+1H, we do it in Step 5.

Cause and effect diagramme is the combination of many why-why analysis. The last one of each why-why analysis is the probable root cause of the problem. After identification of all the probable root causes through cause and effect diagramme in 5th step, in 6th step we are doing analysis of the root causes identified. Each probable root cause to be checked. Presently it may be one, two or many probable root causes effecting the problem. Once such root causes were analysed, now question come as which cause effecting to the problem more? For that we have to go for data analysis to know the contribution of each identified root cause to the problem. To validate the data go for Pareto diagramme and based on vital few and use full many sequence, develop solution through brain storming. Once solutions agreed upon by the group, see for probable resistance then apply PDCA for trial implementation.

 To clarify any doubt please read QCFI publication Quality Circle Practical Guide Book.

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