Knowledge Test 16 for 2017

Note: Read the statement and fill the blank with a correct word(s). Please refer to QCFI publications on Quality Circles.

  1. After solving a problem, to monitor and track data over a period of time QC should use _________ graph.
  2. ________________ is typically used by QCs to track the progress of a project against plan.
  3. ________________ is the tool where paired data is plotted to check whether the variables are related or not.
  4. _________________ is an important tool used by Quality Circles to define the problem area but can be effectively used to reveal no longer needed tasks/activities also.
  5. ___________________ is a simple form for recording facts / information but to make a conclusion additional processing is required.
  6. For verbal data collection ________________________ technique is ideal in providing every participant, including those less experienced, an equal chance to contribute, and it greatly slows down the more dominant individuals.
  7. ___________________ introduced the concept of Control Charts.
  8. Normal variance in the operation of processes is due to_______________ causes.
  9. To study if there is any relationship between ‘Overtime’ and ‘No of Errors’ suggested tool is ______________.
  10. At the time of regular implementation once the improvement is observed and validated, incorporate changes in _____________ instructions.

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