Knowledge Test 6 of 2017

1. A flow diagram drawn to understand / study the process helps the team to
A. Create problems
B. Have an insight into potential bottlenecks
C. Suggest time needed to solve problem
D. None of the above

2. TQM & ISO both focuses on
A. Customer
B. Employee
C. Supplier
D. All of the above

3. According to Dr Deming, Quality problems are due to 
A. management
B. method
C. machine
D. material

4. Discrete variables are also called
A. Frequency distribution
B. Continuous variables
C. Discontinuous Invariables
D. None of the above

5. Pareto Analysis cannot be used
A. To generate a list of problems
B. To evaluate performance after implementation of solutions
C. To select a problem or concern
D. To identify ‘useful many’ problem

6. Stratification tool is used along with……………………..
A. Pareto Diagram
B. Scatter diagram
C. Histogram
D. All of above

7. Which of the following tools is used to evaluate effectiveness of counter measures (before – after results)
A. Histogram
B. Pareto Diagram
C. Both above
D. None of the above

8. Tally chart is
A. Process monitoring tool
B. Data collection tool
C. Process planning tool
D. None of the above

9. P-D-C-A stands for
A. Plan-Do-check-Act
B. Plan-Do-correct-Act
C. Proceed-Do-check-Act
D. Proceed-Do-correct-Act

10. What is ISO?
A. Indian organization for standard
B. Internal organization for standard
C. International organization for standard
D. None of the above



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