Knowledge Test 4 of 2017

Note: Tick Mark the correct answers

1)   Who among the following suggested seven quality tools for controlling quality? 

a. Dr. J. M. Juran                                           b. Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa

c. Dr. W. Edward Deming                         d. Feigenbaum

2)   Cause and effect chart is also known as?

a. Fishbone diagram                                   b. Ishikawa diagram

c. Both a. and b.                                           d. None of the above

3)   Which award is presented to different organizations for quality and excellent performance by president of USA?


b. Dr. W. Edward Deming National Award

c. Juran Excellence Award

d. None of the above

4)   Relaxed ambiance for group participation is observed in which type of brain storming sessions?

a. structured sessions                                     b.unstructured sessions

c. both a. and b.                                                d. none of the above

5)   Which among the following depicts positive or negative relation between two variable factors?

a. Scatter diagram                                            b. histogram

c. check sheet                                                   d. control chart

6)   80: 20 concept is related to which QC Tool?

a. cause and effect chart                                     b. Pareto chart

c. fish bone diagram                                            d. control chart

 7)   Which of the following is the limitation of Quality circle?

a, higher cost                                                time and cost

c. development of leadership                            d. all of the above

8)   Waterfall method is observed in

a. product design and development              b. quality circle

c. brain storming                                               d. pareto diagram

9)   What is meant by hitch hiking?

a. sharing ideas one by one

b. giving ideas by two members

c. giving ideas based on others ideas

d. none of the above

10. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) is for?

a. Total Quality Management                          b. Indian Standard Organization

c, Total Productive Maintenance                    d, Quality Circles



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