Knowledge Test 1 of 2017

Note : Tick mark the write answer.

1. Which is not true for Quality Circle?

A. A small group

B. Voluntary

C. Uses quality control techniques

D. Have members from anywhere in the work area

2. Which set of words or terms is not applicable to Quality Circle?

A. Small group

B. Grass root level

C. Non Voluntary

D. For self and mutual development

3. In which country the concept of Quality Circle started?


B. Japan

C. India

D. S. Korea

4. Primary aim of quality circle is

A. To solve company’s problem

B. To motivate people to work

C. To develop people

D. To improve the image of the organisation

5. Which is not true wrt Quality Circles concept?

A. QC is to improve the image of the organisation

B. QC is to solve the problem given by management

C. QC is for mutual development

D. QC is for people to work in teams

6. Which statement is correct as per QC Concept? Quality Circle is

A. For individual’s problem

B. A substitute for quality control department

C. For self & mutual development

D. Panacea for all ills

7. Who introduced Quality Circles in Japan?

A. Shigeo Shingo

B. Dr. Geinichi Taguchi

C. Dr. Junji Noguchi

D. Dr. K Ishikawa

8. Which of the following statement is correct?

A. QC is just a problem solving group

B. QC is a forum for discussing matters relating to industrial relation

C. QC is not a forum for grievances or demands

D. QC case study should always result in monetary saving

9. What is the primary objective of Quality Circle?

A. Keep employees occupied

B. Higher profit

C. Self and mutual development of employees

D. To solve the problem

10. To be members of the steering committee for management cadre it is

A. Voluntary

B. Mandatory

C. Formed by external agency

D. None of these

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