For Answers please refer to QCFI publications.

1. The famous Deming award for accomplishment in quality to individual and companies was initiated where?

a) South Africa

b) Japan

c) India

d) Singapore

2. However sophisticated a process may be it will be impossible to produce two products identically same “who said this”?


a) K. Ishikawa

b) W.A.Shewhart

c) Genichi Taguchi

d) J. M. Juran

3. “The age of excessive caution is over, one who cannot enter the new age by crossing the bridge cannot be a top manager”, whose statement is this?

a) Dr. K. Ishikawa

b) Dr. N. Kano

c) Dr. Genichi Taguchi

d) Dr. J. M. Juran

4. Who bequeathed his personal library including his manuscripts to Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata ?

a) Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis

b) Dr. J. M. Juran

c) Dr. W. E. Deming

d) Dr.W.A.Shewhart

5. Who said that “Engineers, who passed judgement based on  the  experimental  data  must  know statistical methods by heart.” ?

a) Dr. Genichi Taguchi

b) Prof. P.C.Mahalanobis

c) Dr. J. M. Juran

d) Dr. K. Ishikawa

6. Which quality Guru shunned publicity and wanted to be known by what he writes rather than what others write about him?

a) Dr. J. M. Juran

b) Dr. W. E. Deming

c) Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis

d) Dr.A.Feigenbaum

7. Who developed sampling techniques that wereused for conducting 1940’s census in the USA?

a) Dr. W. E. Deming

b) Dr.W.A.Shewhart

c) Dr. J. M. Juran

d) Philips B.Crosby

8. Who taught quality control to the Japanese after World War II?

a) Dr.W.A.Shewhart

b) Dr. W. E. Deming

c) Dr.A.V.Feigenbaum

d) Philips B.Crosby

9. Quality is “Fitness for use” who defined it this way?

a) Ichiro Ishikawa

b) Dr. K.Ishikawa

c) Prof. P.C.Mahalanobis

d) Dr. J. M. Juran

10. “Quality control should be part of Management Control” who said this?

a) Dr. W. E. Deming

b) Dr. Genichi Taguchi

c) Dr. A.V.Feigenbaum

d) Dr. J. M. Juran


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