1.How many defective  pieces  will  be  in  a  lot  of 20000 pieces of toy? If the process is adjusted at 3 sigma level.

a) 54

b) 60

c) 180

c) 120

2.Who has stated that variability was a fact of industrial life?

a) Dr. J. M. Juran

b) Dr. W. E. Deming

c) Dr. K. Ishikawa

d) Dr. W. A. Shewhart

3.The results of Trial implementation and regular implementation:

a) May be same

b) May encounter some problems in regular implementation

c) May be alright in trial implementation

d) All above are possible

4. When should be problem identified?

a) Only at the beginning of the QC meeting

b) As and when required

c) As instructed by the facilitator

d) At least once in a year

5. In a systematic problem solving steps, which is the first step, where member gives their own ideas?

a) Problem Selection

b) Problem Identification

c) Problem Analysis

d) Check Performance

6. In setting objectives, which of the following question one should choose?

a) what

b) How

c) Why

d) When

7. Which was the first of its kind in statistical system where verbal   information   and   not numerical data were used for problem analysis?

a) Stratification

b) Control chart

c) Cause & effect diagram

d) Scatter diagram

8. Which theory considers that work is as natural as play if it is associated with recognition?

a) McGregor’s theory Y

b) Maslow’s Theory

c) Elton Mayo’s Theory

d) Alderfer’s ERG theory

9. Which one is not true for Quality Circle meeting?

a) Helps in generating lot of ideas

b) Helps in arriving at consensus decisions

c) Helps the ago satisfaction of a few members

d) Helps in better   team   involvement   in implementations.

10. In ‘Root cause analysis’ step in problem solving. Quality Circle follow:

a) Why Why analysis

b) Validation of causes

c) Pareto Analysis

d) Stratification


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