Knowledge Test

Knowledge Test: NCQC 2016

Please read following instruction:

1. Knowledge test is compulsory for all participating teams and it Carries 40 marks.

2. No books will be allowed.

3. There will be separate papers with code as “TEST PAPER CODE- A”

4. In place of “A” this may be any letter up to “L” as there will be 12 different Question Papers.

5. This time all the20 Questions will be objective type with four choices in each question.

6. A separate OMR sheet will be given to mark your registration number,

7. Test Paper Code and correct answer of each question in appropriate circle. Correct circle to be darkened by blue or black pen.

8. Please see the instruction given in OMR sheet. Best is to decide the correct answer and then mark in the question paper.

9. Once group has confidence then marks it in OMR answer sheet.

10. Before leaving, ensure that you have handover the OMR sheet clipped, pad and Knowledge Test paper. Do not forget taking the stamped receipt of submitting all these for your record.

11. Time for test is this time is 20 minutes in place of 15 minutes. 

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