Knowledge Test

For benefit of all the members we are reproducing questions with answers. 

  1. Which presentation techniques are used to show facts and also to separate the ‘useful many’?
  1. To identify the priority areas how many types of Pareto Analysis can be made and on what basis?
  1. _______ limits are based strictly on the variation in a manufacturing process.
  1. If ranges are in control but much of the product is outside the specification it may be because of large ________________ variation.
  1. Name the specific type of graphical device used to control quality characteristics when it may not be possible to measure them on a quantitative basis.
  1. Collection of required information in figures for Statistical Analysis is known as ___________.
  1. Which four-step formula was suggested by a famous quality Guru to control or minimise problem?
  1. Out of Elementary Seven Tools which one can be used for generating a list of problems?
  1. To study if there is any relationship between ‘Overtime’ and ‘Number of Errors’ suggested tool is _____________.
  1. Like Pareto Diagram in which facts presentation method ‘others’ or ‘miscellaneous’ segment is shown at the end?


  1. Pareto Table and Pareto Diagram,
  2. Two, based on Phenomenon and another by causes,
  3. Control,
  4. Inherent,
  5. Attribute Control Chart,
  6. Data Collection,
  7. PDCA,
  8. None
  9. Scatter Diagram,
  10. Pie Chart

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