Knowledge Test – 15 Questions for NCQC 2014 (Set 4)

  1. Juran’s trilogy deals with planning and control. What is the third one in that?
  1. As per    Juran  which  activity  is  a  “Self performance appraisal” in an organization that has to be carried out in an integrated manner at all levels from top to bottom?
  1. As per    Deming ,  the  prime  requisite  for  achievement of any goal including quality is ____?
  1. What is the expanded form of QIT?
  1. How many steps are involved in focus P-D-C-A?
  1. As per    Juran’s  twelve  steps  method  of problem solving. What is the 12th step?
  1. What is KEI DAN REN?
  1. What could  be  the  obvious  conclusion ,  if  a standard has not been revised for a long time ?
  1. Whose job is it to ensure that the Quality Circle meetings are conducted regularly and with good attendance within specific areas?
  1. Whose primary job is it to develop people in the work area and enable them to achieve and feel price in their achievement?
  1. What are the  three  steps  we  have  to  take sequentially before conducting a meeting?
  2. There are 3 types of flow diagram. High level and detailed flow diagrams are two of them. What is the third one?
  1. If the Quality characteristics can be measured with the help of an instrument, equipment or measuring process, it is called _________________?
  1. When a process is following normal distribution what percentage of observations fall outside the 3 sigma limits?
  2. In a control chart if all the points are within the control limits, what does it indicate?

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