Knowledge Test – 15 Fill In The Blank Statements (Set 3)

Fill the blank:

  1. _____________ is a simple and effective method of gathering information.
  2. Scatter Diagram is a graphical tool allowing the identification of possible relationships between two different sets of _____________.
  3. Control Chart is a statistical tool used to distinguish between variation in a process resulting from _____________, and variation resulting from special causes.
  4. Cause and Effect Diagram is a tool that is used alongside _____________ and helps to identify, sort and display possible causes of a specific problem.
  5. _____________ normally take a problem-based approach to improve the quality of their work.
  6. QC Circle meetings help members to work together towards the same _____________.
  7. _____________ is used extensively by QC Circles at various stages in their problem-solving activities.
  8. A _____________ examines the relationship between paired data.
  9. A _____________ shows which defective items should be tackled first.
  10. _____________ is value that can be counted, e.g. the number of defects.
  11. _____________ is the time interval between the placing of an order and its delivery.
  12. _____________is gathered according to a scale, such as Time, Weight, Length, etc.
  13. _____________ is the “actual place” where the work is performed.
  14. _____________ is the imparting of human intelligence to a machine so that it automatically stops when a problem arises.
  15. _____________ is any activity that adds to cost without adding to value of the product.

Select the right word(s) from below:

Check sheet, variables, common causes, brainstorming ,QC Circles, goals, Brainstorming ,scatter diagram, Pareto diagram, Discrete value, Lead time, Variable data, Gemba, Autonomation, Muda

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