Knowledge Test – 15 Statements: Identify the Correct Statements NCQC

Identify the correct statements:

Drawing control charts requires calculation of statistics from data.

A fundamental attribute of TQM is top management’s direct involvement.

Inspection assures that product meets specification.

A control chart displays process variability.

Process capability =1 indicates that some fraction of production is outside specs.

SPC helps determine if assignable causes are disturbing the process.

7. Systematic problem solving requires defining the problem to be solved.

8. A Pareto chart shows that the process is in control.

9. Histogram is one of the elementary problem solving tools.

10. Benchmarking determines how company is doing relative to others.

11. ISO 9000 determines if the company practices its written procedures.

12. An example of a random cause is small vibrations in the equipment.

13. An assignable cause is generally known to workers.

14. Flow charts indicate how inputs get processed into outputs.

15. A sampling plan helps in rejecting lots that are of unacceptable quality.

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