Knowledge Test – 15 Questions From QCFI Publications

Answer the questions given below:

  1. What will be the next step in problem solving when the validity is checked and improvement is observed?
  2. Which toll /technique provide a sound basis for decision making and corrective action?
  3. Which elementary statistical tool is a summary of variation in a product or process?
  4. What are the  three  steps  we  have  to  take sequentially before conducting a meeting?
  5. Which Quality Guru was awarded the National medal of Technology by the President Bush (Sr) of USA?
  6. Which is the strategy for defect prevention?
  7. In deciding objectives and targets, it is divided into two steps. What are they?
  8. Who popularized the scatter diagram in Japan in the 1950s?
  9. If the least count of a balance is 2 grams, and the minimum weight out of 289 packets checked is 98 gms., what should be the lower limit of the first class interval?
  10. For 342 observations, the range is 7.9 cm, and the least court of the measuring instrument is 0.2cm. What will be the class width for making a Histogram?
  11. What should be  the  recommended  number  of classes  or  groups  for 627  observations  for frequency distribution for making Histogram?
  12. Which type of graph is used in different type of control charts ?
  13. Which tool  / technique is required to segregate data according to contributing sources ?
  14. What are the   two   types   of   thinking   in brainstorming?
  15. Which tool / technique  is  required  to  enable understanding  of  the  process  and  locate  the problem?

For Answers, please study QCFI publications.

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