Knowledge Test – 15 Questions on Mistake Proofing and Lean Manufacturing NCQC

Fill the sentences from option given below:

  1. Implementation of Lean Manufacturing generally takes two to three to three year in a large ___________.
  2. ___________ is a replenishment system based upon the methods employed by supermarkets to refill their shelves.
  3. ___________ is a quality management concept to prevent human errors from occurring in the production line.
  4.  The main objective of poke yoke is to achieve ___________.
  5. Poka yoke is implemented by using simple objects like fixtures, jigs, gadgets, warning devices, paper systems, and the like to prevent people from committing ___________.
  6. Poka yoke is at its best when it ___________, not when it merely catches them.
  7. Poka-Yoke is one such ___________ /methodology that averts mistakes.
  8. Organisations desirous of achieving excellent quality should aim at eliminating ___________.
  9. ___________ is a quality concept developed by Shigeo Shingo.
  10. Lean Manufacturing begins and ends with meeting ___________.
  11.  ___________one of Shingo’s five basic classes of poka yoke devices.
  12. Osborn opined that groups could double their ___________ output with brainstorming.
  13. ___________ is the practice of being humble enough to admit that someone else is better at something.
  14. The 5 “Why” method helps to reach to the ___________ of a problem.
  15. One-piece-flow means one piece moves to the next ___________.

Select word(s) from option given below:

Operation, Root Cause, Benchmarking, Creative, Checklists, Customer Needs, Poka-Yoke, System Faults, Fail-Safe Tool, Prevents Mistakes, Mistakes, Zero Defects, Poka-Yoke, Kanban, Organisation


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