Knowledge Test – 15 More Questions: Choose Answer from options NCQC 2014

Fill in the blank:

  1.  _____________ helps a team identify the different causes of a problem in an effort to determine the root causes of a problem.
  2. In the 1920s, Walter Shewhart developed the idea of _____________ control charts.
  3. Control limits, displayed on the _____________, are generated by the data itself
  4. Control limits help to clarify the distinction between common- and _____________
  5. Kaizen starts off with the identification of an _____________ for improvement within processes,
  6. Kaizen is all about making small, _____________
  7. _____________is a mindset which involves challenging the status quo.
  8. Kaizen can only succeed in places where there is a true desire to
  9. Lack of _____________ is only one of several common reasons why kaizen implementation fails.
  10. The failure of _____________ is also often seen in companies which implement kaizen in wolf’s clothing.
  11. _____________ is about everyone improving everything, not just a group doing all the work.
  12. _____________ is the very first, fundamental tool in your arsenal in implementing kaizen.
  13. _____________ normally take a problem-based approach to improve the quality of their work.
  14. _____________ is any human movement in production that adds no value to the product.
  15. _____________ is the time which should be taken to produce a component or one vehicle.

Select the word(s) from options given below:

Takt-Time, Muda of Motion , QC Circles, Kaizen, kaizen,   PDCA, commitment, improve, Kaizen, incremental changes, opportunity, special-cause, control chart, 3-sigma-limit, Fishbone diagram

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