Knowledge Test – 15 Fill In The Blank Statements (Set 1)

Fill in the blank:

  1. _______ ________ of variation are based on random causes that we cannot identify.
  2. The arithmetic average, or the mean, is a statistic that measures the _______ ________ of a set of data.
  3. A control chart (also called process chart or quality control chart) is a ______ that shows whether a sample of data falls within the common or normal range of variation.
  4. Control charts are one of the most commonly used tools in __________ __________ ____________.
  5. A control chart for attributes, on the other hand, is used to monitor characteristics that have _______________ and can be counted.
  6. _______________ for variables monitor characteristics that can be measured and have a continuous scale, such as height, weight, volume, or width.
  7. A mean control chart is often referred to as an
  8. Range (R) charts are another type of control chart for _______________.
  9. P-charts are used to measure the _______________ in a sample that are defective.
  10. C-charts count the actual number of _______________.
  11. Quality characteristics are often evaluated relative to _______________.
  12. A _______________ is one of the primary techniques of statistical process control (SPC).
  13. _______________ are those costs associated with efforts in design and manufacturing that are directed toward the prevention of non-conformance.
  14. External failure costs occur when the product does not perform satisfactorily after it is delivered to the _______________.
  15. A _______________ that is operating with only chance causes of variation present is said to be in statistical control.

Select the word(s) from options given below:

Process, customer, Prevention costs, control chart, specifications, defects, proportion of items, variables, x-bar chart, Control charts, discrete values, statistical process control, graph, central tendency, Common causes

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