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Fill in the blank.

  1. ‘Lean’ simply means a systematic approach of reducing or eliminating the ________.
  2. ‘Lean’ is about “doing ________ with less”
  3. Lean is ________ with which one can deliver a quality product
  4. The lean concept makes us to think of such cases where we are not utilizing the potential of the ________.
  5. ‘Lean Quality Circles’ (LQC) is the outcome of the ________ _________ Concept.
  6. Lean Quality Circle has the option to co-opt members from other than their own work area
  7. LQC is a cross functional team for ________.
  8. LQC members may take the help of their immediate ________ while working on a project.
  9. LQC is a small group comprising of ________.
  10. LQCs analyse and ________ problems using appropriate tools and techniques
  11. For LQC it is not necessary to have any fixed regular formal ________.
  12. LQC ________ are informal and at the place / equipment, where the problem exists.
  13. LQCs may take a ________ from the already identified problems / problem bank based on management goals / objectives.
  14. Problem selected by LQC may be taken from the current priority problems of their work areas also.
  15. LQCs use ________ steps problem solving approach.

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