1. Who Said this? As long as there is a work place, QC Circle activities must be continued. They are not a final for this movement.
  2. ______________is considered as mentor of Dr Deming?
  3. Which is the step in problem solving where P-D-C-A is very much required?
  4. Which tool / technique will help us to have clarify of the process without visiting the actual spot ?
  5. Which QC tool will describe the inherent variation in a process ?
  6. What will be the obvious conclusion about the standard which has not been revised ?
  7. In controlling  a  work  it  is  checked  by  two methods, one  is  through results,  the other is___________.
  8. Which is the highest motivating factor according to the hierarchical needs theory of Maslow?
  9. How many  defective  pieces  will  be  in  a  lot  of 30000 pieces of toy ? If the process is adjusted at 3 sigma level.
  10. To make histogram of 540 observations of weight of Biscuit packets were taken. Highest reading is 2 gms and the lowest reading is  93.6 gms. If the lease count of balance is  0.2 gms, what should be the first class interval?
  11. As long as variables are within allowable limit we attribute it to ____________.
  12. Pareto diagram is the combination of two types of What are these?
  13. Which is the last of the problem solving steps where graph may be used?
  14. If average defective toys are 6.2 per lot of 100 What will be the upper control limit for defective toys?
  15. What are   the   two   types   of   thinking   in brainstorming?
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