1. Who Said this? “Every problem is an opportunity.”
  2. PDCA Cycle is also known as________________.
  3. Which is the first of its kind in statistical system where verbal information and not numerical data were used for problem analysis?
  4. Which tool / technique will help us to have clarify of the process without visiting the actual spot?
  5. Collection of the required information in figures for Statistical analysis of a problem is known as
  6. Which elementary statistical tool may be used in selection of problem?
  7. In controlling a work process , it is checked by two methods, name them?
  8. Which is the highest motivating factor according to the hierarchical needs theory of Maslow?
  9. How many  defective  pieces  will  be  in  a  lot  of 10000 pieces of toy ? If the process is adjusted at 3 sigma level.
  10. To make histogram of 630 observations of weight of Biscuit packets were taken. Highest reading is 2 gms and the lowest reading is  93.8 gms. If the lease count of balance is  0.2 gms, what should be the first class interval.
  11. Few observations  taken  for  study  are
  12. In which tool/technique compound graph is used?
  13. Which is  the  first  step  of  the  problem  solving steps where graph may be used ?
  14. In X-R chart, the value of X=72.972 gms. No. of observations are 25, average moving range R=384, value of d2=1.128, what will be the value of UCL?
  15. Is suggesting opposite ideas to what has already been given permitted in Brainstorming?

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