Five Set of Knowledge Test Papers with Answers (Set 5)

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  1. Who has given Juran’s Trilogy?

a) JIS            b) JUSE        c) QCFI             d) None

  1. Which of the following Gurus choose not to seek publicity for himself in any form ?

      a) Dr. J. M. Juran    b) Dr. W.E.Deming

c) Prof.P.C.Mahalanobis   d) Dr.A.V.Feigenbaum

  1. As per Dr.  Deming ,  the  prime  requisite  for  achievement of any goal including quality is ____?

Ans.  : Joy at work

  1. 77. Who are regarded as the originator of modern graphics method?

Ans. T H Lambert & William Playfair

  1. What is the last step of Juran’s Project by Project method?

Ans: Control at the New Level

  1. What is KEI DAN REN?

Ans:    An   association   of   Japan’s   Chief Executive

  1. In the structure of Quality Circles those first line workers , who are  not  the  member  of  Quality circles are called as

Ans:    Potential  Members

  1. A rhombus or diamond represents what aspect in a flow diagram ?
  2. a) activity b) Decision
  3. c) Data Base d) Terminal
  1. 21. What is Hitch Hiking?

Ans.  : Building-up on others idea

  1. Which type of check sheet is useful in the final test of product at the end of manufacturing line ?

Ans:    Product Quality Assurance Check

  1. On a control chart, how far are the control limits set from mean?

Ans:    UCL  +3 sigma & LCL -3 sigma

  1. Calculate the value of sigma of a process, if the value A 2R = 3.3, value of A2 = 0.577 and X = 75.2

Ans: 1.1

  1. If most of the bars are roughly of the same height in a Pareto diagram, what does it indicate?

Ans:    Data not stratified properly

  1. SQC Tool used for off-line Quality control is …

Ans:    Histogram  

  1. What is a Range in the Control Chart?

Answer: Range is the difference between the Highest observation in the Sample to the Lowest obervation in the sample


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