Five Set of Knowledge Test Papers with Answers (Set 1)

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The correct answer is shown in BOLD

1. Drawing control charts requires

  • Calculation of statistics from data
  • Adjusting the machines
  • Teamwork training of workers
  • Top management involvement
  • Meetings with suppliers

2. A fundamental attribute of TQM is

  • Drawing control charts
  • Having team meetings
  • Top management’s direct involvement
  • Meeting ISO 9000 audit
  • All of the above
  1. Inspection assures that
  • The process is in control
  • Workers are motivated
  • Product meets specification
  • Quality problems are solved
  • Supplier quality is acceptable
  1. A control chart displays
  • Whether workers are motivated
  • Top management takes interest in quality
  • Inspectors are doing their job
  • Process variability
  • Process capability
  1. Process capability =1 indicates that
  • Suppliers can be trusted
  • Workers are motivated
  • Process is in control
  • There are no random variations
  • Some fraction of production is outside specs
  1. SPC helps determine
  • If assignable causes are disturbing the process
  • If vendor performance is falling
  • If customers are happy
  • If customers are motivated
  • If top management is involved
  1. Vision states
  • Where the workers want to go after work
  • Whether we should use SPC
  • Whether we should use inspection
  • Where the company wants to be in the long run
  • That customers are the boss

8. Quality is wanting generally because

  • Workers lack team spirit
  • No competition exists
  • People don’t know statistics

9. A stakeholder is generally

• Someone who manages the company

• People who run the company’s payroll

• Interested in the success of the enterprise

• Only the customer

• Only the vendor

10. Systematic problem solving requires

• Motivating the worker

• Defining the problem to be solved

• Drawing control charts

• Keeping management informed

• Keeping tab on the environmental impact

11. ISO 9000 determines

• If the company practices its written procedures

• If vendors are performing well

• Process capability

• The kind of control chart to be used

• Random causes of variation

12. An example of a random cause is

• Absenteeism

• Shortage of material supplies

• Photocopy machine failure

• Small vibrations in the equipment

• Word Processor not having Spellchecker

13. An assignable cause is generally known to

• Vendors

• Top management

• Product designer

• Workers

• Customers

14. Flow charts indicate

• Causes of process variation

• The kind of forms to fill out

• Who reports to whom

• How inputs get processed into  outputs

• How samples are rejected

15. A sampling plan helps in

• Keeping the process in control

• Keeping workers motivated

• Tuning the machines

• Adjusting ovens in the kitchen

• Rejecting lots that are of unacceptable quality


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