Knowledge Test Questions Based on Quality Circle Concept

01 What is the primary objective of Quality Circle?

  1. Keep employees occupied
  2. Higher profit
  3. Self and mutual development of employees
  4. To solve the problem

02 Which one of the following is not a typical feature of TQM?

  1. Customer driven quality
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Action based on facts, data & analysis
  4. Strong inspection oriented establishment.

03 Quality Circle concept was started in India in the year:

  1. 1984
  2. 1992
  3. 1980
  4. 1986

 04 What is CWQC?

05 What is the expanded form of QIT?

06 What is the last step of Juran’s Project in Milestone Chart / Activity Chart?

07 Expand the following abbreviation  SQC, TQM, SPC

08 How many steps are involved in focus PDCA?

09 Application of statistical concept and techniques for control of quality in all area of a company is termed as ……………………….?

10 Dr. J.M. Juran defined quality as………………………?


  1. Self and mutual development of employees
  2. Strong inspection oriented establishment
  3. 1980
  4. Company Wide Quality Control
  5. Quality Improvement Team
  6. Follow Up/Review
  7. SQC-Statistical Quality Control; TQM-Total Quality Management; SPC-Statistical Process Control.
  8. 9 Steps
  9. Company Wide Quality Control
  10. Fitness for use

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