20 Questions – Knowledge Test for NCQC – 2014, Pune

Identify True or False Statement

  1. Cause and Effect Diagram is an independent tool and can be used without use of any other QC tool.
  2. Assignable cause can be found and eliminated:
  3. Common cause remain constant over time unlike assignable cause:
  4. Large numbers of common causes are in effect at any time unlike assignable causes and only a change in the system will reduce this variability:
  5. Histogram is an off-line quality control method used for study of process variation and assesses process capability.
  6. Stacked bar graphs and Pie charts are both used for showing proportions.
  7. A special invitee/ guest (example SBU Head) gets special power during brainstorming to curtail ideas/ mould ideas given by participants.
  8. Stacked bar chart is preferred over pie charts for showing changes in proportions over time.
  9. Line chart and bar chart are same except that in Bar graph the x axis may be non- numeric.
  10. Advantage of stacked bar graph is that more than one classification variable can be used.
  11. The kaizen focus is on continuous improvement and is incomplete without standardization.
  12. Brainstorming tool typically has 3 techniques/ methods to be conducted.
  13. Pareto tool was first used in quality after death of Pareto by Juran and also termed by him.
  14. Which of the following is true:

         A. Scatter Diagram focuses on nature and strength of relationship between 2 variables.

         B. Scatter Diagram is used to prove a cause and effect relationship between 2 variables

15. For Pareto Analysis all potential contributors should be identified before gathering data.

16. Which of the following is true in case of cause and effect diagram:

      A. The effect being analysed should be broadly stated (maximise list of causes)

      B. The effect being analysed should be precisely stated (using what, where, when, etc.)

17. Flow diagram cannot be used to develop a common understanding of the process.

18. If several efforts at Stratification do not produce an obvious category for further exploration, try two-stage (or more) stratification.

19. When stratification does not indicate an obvious pattern, the exercise has been a waste of time.

20. A project can be defined as a problem scheduled for solution.

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