27th National Convention on Quality Concepts – 2013

Theme : “Encouragement, Enhancement & Enpowerment Through Quality Concepts”

Organised by : Quality Circle Forum of India

Hosted by : Durgapur Chapter Venue : TICT, KOLKATA

We are pleased to inform you that Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI), a National Non-Profit Body is organizing the 27th National Convention on Quality Concepts (NCQC 2013) at Kolkata. QCFI has been spearheading the Quality Circle movement in the country as an integral part of Total Quality. People’s involvement, participation and empowerment are fundamental and basic prerequisites for the implementation of any concept to succeed in an organization, aside from the top management’s leadership. QCFI has been promoting the Quality Team Concept with a particular focus on the first line employees.
In the convention there will be presentations by Quality Concept Circles (QCC) as well as other small groups, which are practicing various other concepts like, Quality Circle, TPM, Kaizen, LQC, WCM, Six Sigma, Poka Yoke, SMED, 5-S, BPR or any other allied team Concepts.




NCQC 2013 to be held in Techno India University, Kolkata (Brochure)
NCQC 2013 Participation Form
NCQC 2013 Hotel Lists
NCQC 2013 Tentative Programme
Important Dates for NCQC 2013
NCQC 2013 Evaluation Criteria
Results of poster, poem, slogan, and essay competition for NCQC 2013, Kolkata
NCQC 2013 Slots
NCQC 2013 1st Level Quiz Competition
NCQC 2013 Model Presentation

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