Five S – Importance – Photography

Five S is the silent informer of a company’s attitude to quality. Easiest way to determine a company’s attitude towards improvement activities is simply to walk around the factory and observe the house keeping practices on the shop floor. Housekeeping often tells us more about the company than any financial statement. One can judge the level of improvement activities from the way tools are stored, swath and chips from machines handled, work table organised, inspection points indicated, factory floor swept, machines cleaned, toilet condition etc.

During our association with our member organisation some photographs were shared by them. You may find similar conditions in many orgnisations…..

Here are some sample photographs of Food Preparation area

Picture 565

Picture 564

Picture 562

Some photographs of shop floor

Phoographs of Electrical Point board, wiring and switches

Picture 170

Picture 139

Washrooms photographs


Of course, housekeeping practices reflect the management’s general attitude towards work. We should understand the linkage between the level of Five S and the amount of defective products produced, the number of machine breakdown, inventory level and so on. Five S should therefore, be among the first steps management should take for improving the company’s quality status.

Take photographs of the area before carrying out Five S. Thereafter carry out the activity. Such photographs should cover every thing. General view of the area, individual machines, shelves, water or oil logged areas etc. Then display them for people to see so as to create a visual impact.

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