QC Concept implemented in Balco, Korba

In January 2012, QC Concept was implemented in Balco, Korba. From QCFI Delhi Aniruddha Kaushik provided support in training following the road map:

1. Assessment of the prevalent conditions in the Laboratories through an Interaction at different levels.

2. Exposure program to top management, senior management.

3. Formation of a Quality Council/Steering Committee and choice of the coordinator and facilitators; roles and responsibilities of each. (Facilitators role will start once circles are formed)

4. Working out an action plan and schedule, taking care to incorporate:

4.1 Key concerns arising from the survey findings and actions agreed upon.

4.2 Developing facilitators and internal trainers through intensive training.

4.3 Exposure to all the supervisory/middle management personnel, from areas where    Quality Circles are to be started.

4.4 Exposure to all the employees in the section/unit where initially circles formation is aimed at, formation of the initial Circles, education and training to all the members of the Circles on the processes, tools, techniques, maintenance of records, presentation skills etc. Hand holding till a circle completes its first project.

4.5 Guiding and troubleshooting in the implementation stage.

5. Developing an evaluation system of Quality Circle activities for Reward and Recognition

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